Expansion Screw,(Lot c22-11), nic

There are no limits to the range of use for
Dentaurum expansion screws. You will find our
long-term experience and competence reflected
in the form, function and design of each
individual screw.
Perfect in form – the skeletal construction
enables the screws to have the smallest possible
dimensions, yet achieve the largest possible
expansion. The integrated expansion stop prevents the screws from falling apart.
Perfect in function – the friction on the
thread of the screws is so exact that they are
guaranteed to open evenly. The unique click
versions are secured against unwanted reversing,
thereby preventing the screws used for the fixed
appliance technique from turning back.
Perfect in design – the high-precision screws
have a stable construction and are of high
quality. They can be fixed securely in the acrylic.

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