P.U.M.A. soft ®-System kit

Long term denture soft liner

P.U.M.A. soft ® is a permanent soft relining material on A-silicone basis. The adhesive system promotes a strong adhesion between lining and the prosthesis base. A high wearing comfort is ensured by a good biocompatibility, an esthetic gingiva shade and a precisely adjusted Shore-A hardness. P.U.M.A. soft ® is indicated for the immediate lining of dentures, to prevent pressure irrritations, as protection of alveolar bones and tegument areas in case of pre-prothetic surgical and implantological interventions and for gingival masks. P.U.M.A. soft SEAL A + B in bottles is of low viscosity and is indicated for small corrections after relining.

• colour of product gingiva
• A-silicone, vinyl polysiloxane (VPS)
• a broad variety of typical indications (see text above), chairside and labside
• an excellent adhesion of the A-Silicone on denture base
• an esthetic gingiva shade, an optimal adjusted Shore A-hardness and an excellent biocompatibility
• a corresponding transparent A-Silicone
• long term
• for final direct and fast making of dentures chairside and labside, a specific adhesive lead to a molecular bond of the A-silicone on the hot or cold polymerized denture material on methacrylate base
• scentless, biocompatible

System kit:
• 1 bottle à 5 ml P.U.M.A. soft ADHESIVE + 1 cartridge à 50 ml P.U.M.A. soft + 6 MIXING CANNULAS SN + 1 GRINDING INSTRUMENT + 2 x 5 ml P.U.M.A. soft SEAL A + B + 1 brush holder + 24 brushes + 2 mixing pellets

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