P.U.M.A. hard System, kit

Long-term denture hard liner

P.U.M.A. hard is a permanent hard relining material on acrylate base (methacrylate). It is free of methyl methacrylates and therefore well tolerated. Due to a special adhesive a strong adhesion to the denture base is guaranteed. A high wearing comfort is ensured due to an inert character of the hard relining material and its esthetic gingiva shade. P.U.M.A. hard is indicated for the immediate lining of dentures, for denture repairs and to compensate the effects of surface deterioration of the prosthesis and time-induced changes within the mucosa mounting.

• colour of product gingiva
• on methacrylate base
• offers a broad variety of typical indications (see text above), chairside and labside
• a very good adhesion of the hard relining material on the denture base, metal and so on
• a very low heat development during the intraoral setting
• an excellent workability and polishability
• and provides a high wearing comfort due to its inert character (free of methyl methacrylate),
a neutral odour and an esthetic gingiva shade.
• for long term
• for final direct and fast making of dentures chairside and labside, a specific adhesive lead to a molecular bond of the mthacrylate on the hot or cold polymerized denture material on methacrylate base

System kit:
• 1 bottle à 3 ml P.U.M.A. hard ADHESIVE + 1 double chamber syringe à 10 ml P.U.M.A. hard + 5 MIXING CANNULAS MPN 2 (Order.-No.: MIK1046)

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